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07/05/2009 - 8:09pm

HOWTO: Sync Palm Pre with Mozilla Lightning / Thunderbird


Having been a Palm fan for over a decade, I've had several Treos up to the 700p. I was getting disappointed with the lack of innovation on the part of Palm as every other smartphone provider began passing them by. I've also been a Linux and open-source fan for even longer. So when I heard about the Palm Pre, I waited in anticipation until it was released on June 6th and picked up my new phone as soon as the local Sprint store had them available.

Since then, I've not been disappointed. It's so far been able to do everything that I've wanted it to do, including syncing with my Mozilla Lightning calendar. The Palm Pre by itself doesn't support this, but it does sync with Google Calendar, and Mozilla Lightning can also sync with Google Calendar with a third-party extension called Provider.

For this HOWTO, you will need:

- Mozilla Thunderbird with Lightning (may also work with Mozilla Sunbird, but I haven't tried).
- The Provider extension.
- A Google Calendar account.
- And a Palm Pre, of course.

First, download and install the Provider extension, and restart Thunderbird.

Next, go to your Google Calendar page and click the down arrow next to your calendar under My Calendars and choose Calendar Settings.

Under the calendar address section, right-click the XML button and copy the link location.

In Thunderbird, add a calendar. Select a Network calendar, and choose Google Calendar from the list. Paste the link into the Location text box, and click Next.

Enter your Google username and password into the box when prompted, choose a name and color for the calendar, and click Next. This completes syncing Mozilla Lightning with Google Calendar.

Now to sync Google Calendar with your Palm Pre.

First, open your calendar application. Click Calendar in the top-left, click Preferences & Accounts.

Scroll to the bottom and click Add An Account, click Google. Enter your Google username and password, and click Sign In.

That's it! Events that you enter in to your Palm Pre will now appear in Mozilla Lightning, and vice-versa. If you're running webOS 1.0.3 or newer, events will sync up pretty quickly, usually within about 15 minutes. If you're running webOS 1.0.2 or older, events could take up to 12 hours to sync.

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