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03/12/2008 - 9:45am

Nick Coons for Congress in 2010



TEMPE, AZ - This week, small business owner and Phoenix native Nick Coons (L) has announced he'll be running for the US Congress in District 5 in 2010, a seat currently held by Rep. Harry Mitchell (D). Coons has been a long-time holder of libertarian ideals, which focuses on limited government, a fiscally conservative budget, and personal freedoms. "There are so many problems at the federal level of government," commented Coons, "that it can be hard to set specific goals as there's just so much to choose from in the way of problem solving. While the big picture would be to work on getting government out of our everyday lives, and let us live as we see fit, I would focus on legislation towards that end, such as limiting congressional power with the Enumerated Powers Act, and the One Subject At a Time Act." Details of these acts can be found at the campaign's website, http://www.nickcoonsforcongress.com.

Nick Coons will be running on the Libertarian Ticket, and if elected, will be the first US Representative to serve in Congress as a Libertarian. "That's one of the reasons I'm waiting until 2010 to run," said Coons. "There's a lot of work to do in the form of gaining name recognition and getting the issues out there. Everyone knows who's running for President, but few people pay attention to congressional races and they just vote along party lines. Being a Libertarian presents an additional challenge." The congressional hopeful goes on to joke, "Plus, have you seen the website? It looks great, but we'll need another two years to make it as content-rich as we need it to be."

"The goal is certainly to win," he says, "but even short of that, I'm hoping that publicly discussing issues and showing people that the freedom solution, not the government, is the best answer to our problems will have a positive impact."

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