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03/02/2008 - 10:27am

Buying House, Monk, Psych, and The Office DVDs Online


Ryan and I at Two Lab Mice (site still under construction) have added some new features to our "Isms" sites. In addition to having the following sites:


...that have some excellent quotes from House, Monk, Psych, and The Office, respectively; we've also added forums to each site. Here are the links to those forums:

House Forums
Monk Forums
Psych Forums
The Office Forums

If you're interested in receiving a Quote Of The Day in your email from any of these, you can sign up at these sites as well. A quote from the show will be chosen at random and emailed to you.. it's a good thing to see when you wake up in the morning.

And one additional thing, the main reason for even having these sites is so we can make some extra cash. We've affiliated ourselves with Amazon. If you're interested at all in purchasing DVDs of these seasons, please use our sites to do so. The direct links to the DVD purchasing pages are here:

Buy House on DVD
Buy Monk on DVD
Buy Psych on DVD
Buy The Office on DVD

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