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08/06/2007 - 7:18am

Fourth GOP Debates on ABC


Here is a screen shot of the debate results from ABC's website:

As with the first three debates, Ron Paul wins by a landslide.

So most of us know that Ron Paul has a lot more supporters than the other candidates. And when I say supporters, I mean people who actually know what the guy stands for and believe in it. Most other candidates' "supporters" are people who, when asked, would say, "Well, I guess I'd vote for Giuliani, because I've heard his name before." Rarely do you see people avidly devoted to Romney, Giuliani, McCain, or any of the others. I drive around my city and see Ron Paul signs, banners, and bumper stickers (I have three Ron Paul bumper stickers on my own car, and no other bumper stickers). Nowhere do I see anyone promoting or sticking to Rudy McRomney, even though the mainstream media keeps promoting them as the "front-runners."

In addition to Ron Paul having more supporters, his supporters are also more internet-savvy. Many young people like his message; they like the idea of being able to opt-out of paying into a Social Security system that won't be there when they retire. And because of this tech-savvy slantedness, Ron Paul also does very well in all online polls, such as those provided by MSNBC, Fox, CNN, and now ABC for the four Republican debates.

People like to say that Ron Paul supporters are "spamming" the internet. It might look that way to them, simply because there are so many of us. These polls are legitimate, because they have safeguards that prevent people from casting more than one vote. The 35,235 votes for Ron Paul in this weekend's debate were actually cast by 35,235 different people; like it or not.

I enjoyed watching the entire debate, though as usual they ignored Ron Paul, who only received four questions while Mitt Romney received nine. And again, when the questions on health care and taxes were raised, they ignored the only doctor on the stage, who also wants to rid us of the IRS; just as they have in the past.

It's obvious Ron Paul is being ignored, and on some fronts he's being fought by people claiming he's a conspiracy theorist, or a racist, or other completely unsubstantiated claims; just that these things are being said to make him look bad.

But in this debate, they tried a new tactic. They promoted his ideas as if they were their own! I didn't see that coming (maybe others did). Mike Huckabee talked about how it's not our job to police the world and we should spread democracy by setting a good example here at home. What?!?! He virtually ripped that off word-for-word from Ron Paul in the third GOP debates. Some of the other candidates started to tug at Ron Paul's ideas as well, obviously seeing how popular he's becoming.

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