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06/30/2006 - 10:15pm

Superman Returns


Superman has just returned to Earth, after several years, from Krypton. Astronomers discovered a planet they believed to be Krypton, and Superman has to find out for himself whether or not there were any remains. He returns to find out that Lois, along with the rest of the population, has moved on with their lives. Lois has a son, a significant other, and has written an article titled "Why The World Doesn't Need Superman." But however much everyone seems to have moved on, the world welcomes him back.

Everyone, that is, except Lex Luthor, who was recently acquitted of his crimes at an appeals court because a subpoenaed witness never appeared. Back to his old goals of the annihilation of Superman and control of the planet, Luthor schemes to use Kryptonian technology to create new land mass and destroy the existing.

"Superman Returns" picks up where the films starring Christopher Reeves leave off. Brandon Routh excellently captures the vocally klutzy Clark Kent as well as the corny superhero lines of Superman. For instance, after saving the passengers on a falling plane, he states, "I hope this little incident doesn't put you off flying. Statistically speaking, it's still the safest way to travel."

However, casting of some of the other main characters could have used some work. While Kate Bosworth (playing Lois Lane) and Sam Huntington (playing Jimmy Olsen) portrayed their characters just fine, they were far too young. Jimmy appears to be about 19 years old. Since this happens after the previous movies, and after Superman returns from his trip, they should have aged a bit more.

The movie, at about two and a half hours, drags on a bit for the story it tells. It could have used either more content in the time, or been shortened, as it seemed to drag on more than it had to. This is a good movie for anyone wanting to see a continuation from the films portraying Christopher Reeves.

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Posted by: Amber
07/16/2006 5:58pm

Okay so nothing on the superman post...but who did Robert Blake play in the little rascals series? Was it Spanky?

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