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06/17/2006 - 1:11am

If I Were Running For President...


If I were running for President, here's a little something I might use in a public speech:

I once heard that running a country was easier than running a state, that running a state was easier than running a community, and that running a community was easier than running one's personal life. As President, I would encourage the states to operate themselves, inspire the people in a community to manage their internal affairs, and convey to every individual that they are the ones best equipped to determine their own destinies in both an economic and personal capacity; while I focus the federal government at putting its efforts into protecting our country from foreign invaders and upholding the rights of all individuals to live their lives as they see fit, so long as they don't infringe on their neighbors' rights to do the same.

To me, that's not only a campaign speech that would seem to make a lot of sense, but a pretty good job description for the President and federal government as a whole.

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Posted by: Amber
06/17/2006 7:50am

So does this mean that you are going to run? I'll vote for ya!

Posted by: Nick Coons
06/17/2006 10:46am

You can look at any President in the past few decades; pictures of them when they first went into office, and 8 (or 4) years later when they finished. They appear to have aged 20 years. I'll continue to be an activist from the outside so I can stay young-looking.

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