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06/16/2006 - 7:24pm

X-Men 3: The Last Stand


The (probably) final in a trilogy, X3 seems to put an end to the battle between humans and mutants, maybe. The humans create a drug they call a "cure" that when injected into a mutant will undo any mutation and turn that person into a normal human being. The mutants themselves are split on this development. Some of them, being ridiculed their entire lives, embrace this drug and hope to be normal as quickly as possible. Some, like Professor Xavier, believe this to be a good thing as long as those mutants who take the drug are doing so by choice, that it not be forced upon anyone. And there are some, like Magneto, that believe the government won't limit the use of this drug to volunteers but rather administer it forcefully in an attempt to eradicate all mutants.

Under the theme of this main story line, additional mutants are introduced, and nearing the end a battle ensues between Magneto's group and the humans. A "class" system is introduced to classify mutants' abilities, which seems to have been created solely for the film, as it's inconsistent with the system used in the comics.

For anyone that's been following the first two movies, this is a great way to end.

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