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05/02/2006 - 11:24pm

Brokeback Mountain


My wife wanted to see this movie, I obliged. I'm not gay, and that's all the explanation needed.

Now that that's out of the way, this movie ended up being much more than it was portrayed to be. It wasn't actually about two gay guys, it was about tolerance of differences. It could have just as well been about two people that enjoyed eating donuts in a donut-intolerant society.

The timeframe spanned about 25 years. When they came back down from the mountain after their summer job, one of them moved on, got married, and had kids. Several years later, they reunited. At this point, I thought the movie was over because it seemed there was nothing more of interest that could happen. However, it continued on for about another hour or so. This wasn't a dragged-out hour, it was eventful and important to the story-line.

Any more than that would be a spoiler, so if you can get past the one-time "entry from behind" (the part of the movie I could have done without), then I think you'll thoroughly enjoy this story. There are also a couple of naked women in it, so if your friends give you a hard time about seeing it, tell them you went for the boobies.

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Posted by: Steve W
05/24/2006 10:55pm

Gee I'm I the only one who reads this?

Posted by: Nick Coons
05/28/2006 5:16pm

Steve W,

<Gee I'm I the only one who reads this?>

Probably :-).

Posted by: Wifey
05/30/2006 12:40pm

Bahh, I do to. You just never update ;)

Posted by: The Shadow
06/08/2006 10:08pm

Boobies? BOOBIES!!??

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