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05/01/2006 - 6:44pm

Trip to San Antonio


From Sunday through Thursday of last week I was in San Antonio, TX setting up seven new Cricket Wireless stores' computer systems. It was my first time on a plane in 20 years, and only my forth time out of the state in that same amount of time. The plane ride was great, but I can see now that San Antonio is not a "destination hot spot."

The entire freeway system seems to be perpetually under construction. Much of the city can easily be described as "ghetto." And the Mexican food was crap compared to what I'm used to in Phoenix. I had expected more from the place where Pace is made, "by folks who know what picante sauce should taste like." I guess I shouldn't be too disapppointed, since Pace is about the worst salsa you can find on the shelves.

I was extremely glad to leave, to get out of an area where everything around you seems to be dirty and falling apart, and happy to be back in Phoenix with my negative 20% humidity and grid-like streets.

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Posted by: The Shadow
06/08/2006 9:59pm

Tell us what you really think why dont ya?

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