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10/23/2005 - 11:52am

Democrats / Republicans / Libertarians


I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican (I'm a Libertarian), so I feel that I can talk about them without subjectively bashing one more than the other. They both have some good principals to their beliefs, and when you take all of those good principals and put them together, you have a Libertarian. So for those who are interested in knowing the basics, I will disect them a bit.

A Democrat believes heavily in individual freedoms but also believes that corporations and other businesses should be heavily regulated. An example of this would be in allowing gay marriages, as it's no business of the government what two consenting adults do in their own bedroom. However, businesses should be regulated to make sure that the people are protected, aren't ripped off, are treated fairly, and everything is basically equal.

A Republican is almost the opposite. They believe in businesses having the freedom to thrive without regulation, but that morals for individuals should be legislated (i.e. if gay marriage is immoral, then it should be banned). The reason businesses should not be regulated by government is because they will regulate themselves through the free market. If a business does something sneaky, that fact will soon be known, they will lose customers, and eventually go out of business. It's unnecessary for government to step in, because bad businesses will be weeded out by losing their customers, and good businesses will be rewarded with the community's dollars in the form of happy customers.

From a psychological standpoint, and this is my personal experience only, Republicans seem to be happier though more strict and rigid people, and Democrats seem to always be upset and whining about something, how somebody else screwed up and how somebody else should fix it.

This is where we get into the fundamental differences. Libertarians take the freedom of individuals from Democrats and freedom of businesses from Republicans, and build it all around exercising personal responsibility. The Libertarian party is the "Party of Principals", where everything is based off of some very basic, very consistent principals. Namely, anyone can do whatever they'd like, as long as they don't impede other's rights (as set out in the Consitution). Of course, with this freedom comes personal responsibility. Everyone is responsible for their actions and their well-being.

This means that Libertarians think state-funded programs like welfare and social security should be abolished; because they rely on money taken from people (in the form of taxes) and given to other people. It means that the people who were taxed had the money (legally) stolen from them and given to someone else, which violates their rights to control their own property (their money).

Libertarian principals can be used to determine the "right" course for any political path.

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