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10/13/2005 - 5:57pm



This movie is interesting in that it's worth watching, but probably not for the reason they intended. The story is hardly interesting (the animals want to get out to the wild, yadda yadda), but there enough one liners and various clips that it makes watching the entire movie worthwhile.

In the movie you will find a monkey-like animal with a middle-eastern accent reminescent of the stereotypical quickie-mart type. But the best characters in the movie are definitely the penguins. Every single clip with the penguins is laugh-out-loud funny. The penguins are so great (and an obvious ploy by the open-source community) that they now have their ~15 minute skit that can be seen just prior to another movie (can't remember which).

If you can endure the boring and predictable storyline, the rest of the movie will make it worth watching.

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