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09/18/2005 - 11:57pm

Back Home


We had originally planned to head home after lunch, but then decided on a movie again. And again, we came across a Harkins (though, after 45 minutes of looking for it).

We ended up seeing Just Like Heaven. It's definitely in the category of "chick-flick", but there are some interesting parts that guys that don't like these kinds of movies may find interesting.

If you're into action, there's the thrilling chase through the hospital as they try to steal the body that's in a coma. If you're a sci-fi guy, then you have the plot of trying to fit the spirit back into the body. And of course, if you're into anything that's just plain weird, you have that guy from "Napoleon Dynamite" who works at the metaphysical bookstore. Yes, this movie truly has something for everyone.

Our vacation pretty much ended there as we made our way back to the valley, out to dinner, and back home to prepare for.. yes.. Monday!

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Posted by: Cee
09/26/2005 2:36pm

Aww, cutest blogger EVER!

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