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09/18/2005 - 9:51am



I've been on "vacation" since Friday, and of course I put the word "vacation" in quotes because I obviously have internet access while I'm here, and have spent a good deal of time working.

We started out on Friday upwards north into Payson, then through Pine and into Strawberry where I'm interested in some real-estate. We drove around for about half an hour just become familiar with the area.

From there, it was west on SR260 through Camp Verde and into Cottonwood, then to Jerome for a bit of looking around and purchasing a few things. Then we made our way into Sedona where we checked in at the Sky Ranch Lodge. It was dinner, jacuzzi, and relaxing for the rest of the day.

Saturday started out nice with breakfast at the Airport Restaurant right near the lodge. From there it was off to our massages and yes, more relaxing. Afterwards, we decided to stop off at Harkins to see The Forty-Year-Old Virging; very funny! It was then time for dinner again, and then the jacuzzi, and some more relaxing.

It's now Sunday morning, and we've slept in a bit, are watching a new show on the Food Network, and getting ready for our 11:00am checkout time. We're probably heading to Flagstaff to spend the rest of the day to just hang around the downtown area, and then home.

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