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03/15/2005 - 12:40am

Holding My Car Without Bail - Part 2


It continues. I left a message for my attorney yesterday morning to let him know what was going on. As I have not heard back from the management company since last Wednesday, I decided to give them another call. I let them know that I responded to their email on Wednesday with a very detailed message, but hadn't heard back. They said that they contacted the towing company, who claims that the orange tag was not removed, and they said that they're not budging.

I told them, "You told them not to tow it, and they acknowledged that you told them that. That information somehow didn't make it to their driver, and they towed it anyway. Doesn't it make sense that this is their mistake and they need to correct it?" They said, "That's true, but..." and went on to talk about how they've had issues with vehicles being incorrectly parked, as if that were in any way related to my specific situation. They seemed to agree with my logic, but didn't want to do anything to help me, even though they are the HOA management company and they're supposed to be on my side.

So I heard back from my attorney, explained the situation to him, and he agreed completely that I was in the right. However, he mentioned that after 30 days, the towing company is allowed to re-title my vehicle as salvaged, and sell it. If they did that, they would then be liable to me for the full market value of the vehicle. But, he recommended that I get the vehicle out of impound and pay the fee, and then he would go after them for that amount; because it's easier to go after them for the impound fee than the cost of the vehicle, because it's a significantly lower amount.

Which means I need to call them later today when they open, ask them how much it would cost to get it out of impound, and ask them if they provide a redelivery service. Once I have the vehicle back, I turn the receipts into my attorney and let him have at it, getting back all of my costs as well as whatever he charges me.

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Posted by: johnnyeagle
03/24/2005 12:45pm

Who cares dude?

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